2018 Spring LC Magazine

METZLER GATE As with many time-honored institutions, the history of Lycoming College is rich with tradition and symbolism. One of the most notable symbols, viewed by many as a rite of passage of sorts, is the Metzler Memorial Gateway. Donated by the Rev. Oliver Sterling Metzler, alumnus and former senior board member, the Metzler Gate was dedicated during the 1939 Homecoming Weekend along with the picturesque Clarke Chapel. Since that time, the gate has served as an integral part of the College’s graduation ceremony. Each year, along with members of the faculty, graduating seniors process through the gate, both physically and symbolically representing their departure from Lycoming College. For many, this ceremonial act is viewed with the same level of significance as the diploma itself. The gate’s importance was on display during the 2017 spring graduation when inclement weather forced a rare indoor ceremony. Such a ceremony would normally cause the processional route to miss the Metzler Gate, but when given the opportunity, nearly half the class opted to take a special walk through the gate. As a member of that class, it is hard to describe the significance of that moment, but I will always remember every step of the muddy walk across the Quad. The Metzler Gate is so much more than the iron structure that stands on Washington Boulevard — it is a permanent fixture in the tradition and legacy of Lycoming. ◆ Evan Bennetch ’17 L Y C O M I N G ’ S R I C H I C O N S F R O M T H E P A S T 16 LYCOMING COLLEGE 2018 SPRING MAGAZINE 16 LYCOMING COLLEGE 2018 SPRING MAGAZINE